10 Fly Fishing Accessories For Under $20

10 Fly Fishing Accessories For Under $20

The Fly Fishing Gear You Didn’t Know You Needed

These products won’t necessarily help you catch more or bigger fish, but they can make your time on the water more enjoyable. Below are a few of my favorite fishing and non-fishing products that help me (and can help you) be more efficient on the water.

Fishing Lanyards

Stop worrying about dropping your keys, phone, fly boxes, or hemostats in the water. At roughly $1 a piece, they are great insurance for your expensive gear.

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Phone Tether

We all want to get a picture of that monster fish we just caught, but slippery hands and fast current can make that tough. Adding a tether to your phone will allow you to get that picture without losing your phone.

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Rig Winders

One of the biggest hassles when fishing is needing to tie knots. Especially if you are using hopper-droppers, or multiple nymph rigs. These little foam disks are the same size as a tippet spool and allow you to pre-tie all of your dual fly rigs and have them ready. Don't waste your precious fishing time tying knots.

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Magnetic Net Release

Probably the most practical way to hold your net while fishing. The magnet is strong enough to keep your net secure when wading from one spot to another, but will easily allow you to net your fish. If you also use a tether, you can release your fish more delicately knowing your net won't float down the river.

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Dry Sacks

I've debated for a long time if I should get a waterproof fishing pack or not. The problem with them is there is typically only one large pocket with a hard to open zipper. I prefer to through a couple of lightweight dry sacks in my Umpqua Steamboat Slingpack and if it rains or I'm wading in deep water I can simply fill them my fishing gear I want to keep dry.

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Elastic Hair Bands

Simply the best way to break your rods down to put in your vehicle or to carry through the woods. Wrap one around the fighting butt and one at the tip when you break your rod into two sections. When you aren't using them you can keep them both on the fighting butt. They'll stay out of your way, but be there when you need them.

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Mitten Scissor Clamp

I've talked about these before, and I'll talk about them again. By far my favorite fishing accessory. Way more comfortable than using hemostats, allow you open them even if you are wearing gloves, don't snag on your fly line, has serrated scissors that will cut nearly any thickness of line or even yarn, has textured area on the pliers for removing hooks, and has a smoother area on the pliers for mashing down barbs. A true swiss army knife for fly fishermen. Just buy one (or two).

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UV Finish

Not just for fly tiers. This stuff is great for quick wader repair, and filling the holes in your rods handle cork.

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Hook File

If you are doing it right, your hooks will be close to the bottom of the river where the fish are and will inevitably become dull. Instead of losing the fish of a lifetime, or retying new hooks every few casts, sharpen them up with a hook file!

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Not just for dry fly fisherman. Using floatant on the end of your fly line and leader can be a great quick fix for floating lines that start to sink causing your indicator to move every time you mend your line.

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