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In The News

I was recently in the Duluth News Tribune. Sam Cook, a writer for the DNT was writing a story on the fishing opportunities available on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

FRENCH RIVER — Against the pink wash of the pre-dawn sky, an angler stood motionless near the mouth of the French River on Monday. Wearing waders, he was ankle deep in Lake Superior. He held a long fishing rod in one hand.

The Lake Superior surf, pushed by modest southwest winds, rolled breakers ashore catching the angler at mid-calf. They did not budge him. His eyes were fixed on his bobber riding far out in the waves.

The angler was Caleb Utyro of Superior, who had driven around the western tip of Lake Superior to fish for Kamloops rainbow trout here on the North Shore. Behind him, on shore, sat his red cooler, a Thermos and a small folding chair. He was prepared to be here for a while.

Up the shore beyond him, another dozen or more anglers spaced at comfortable intervals kept watch over their rods and bobbers.

You can read the rest of the article here - Kamloops rainbows and coho salmon provide early-morning action near the French River.


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